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Set Transmission DID Chain ​​gear Gear Yamaha 350 Yfm Raptor 10 2011 12

Set Transmission DID Chain ​​gear Gear Yamaha 350 Yfm Raptor 10 2011 12

Set Transmission DID Chain ​​gear Gear Yamaha 350 Yfm Raptor 10 2011 12    Set Transmission DID Chain ​​gear Gear Yamaha 350 Yfm Raptor 10 2011 12
Set transmission did chain gear pinion yamaha 350 yfm raptor 10 2011 12. The description of this item has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Transmission kit made professional chain gear toothed crown. Product image may differ from the true one.

Made of transmission professional kit crown + chain + sprocket. Standard transmission kit (step identical to the original). 520atv g or & b.

X-ring chain for mountain bike racing. Quad racing chain is made with a special metal alloy that guarantees superior strength. Is the main producers of motorcycle chains. Motorcycle manufacturers know who chooses it as a supplier of original equipment. Know the best teams in the world, who still prefer their chains to win. The biker, the chain of purchase. He is aware of having chosen the best quality product available on the market, traditionally, from which requires reliability, durability and economy of operation. However, it is always advisable to replace the pinion and crown (kit), even if the tooth profiles appear visually regularly. Kinematic movement, adjust the winding, roller chain coupling-tooth, must be in perfect harmony, to optimize the performance of the transmission.

Otherwise the train will damage the chain, its regular joints, accelerate the degradation of the chain. Important therefore the choice of gear of good quality, with the same resistance to wear of the chain. The machines used in the packaging of.

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  1. typ string: 520atv oro g & b <\/ li>
  2. chain links: 98 <\/ li>
  3. code: sg <\/ li>
  4. typ set: standard
    (not all identical & rsquo; original). & lt; / p & gt; <\/ li>
  5. template: yfm raptor <\/ li>
  6. typ chain closure: clip <\/ li>
  7. c.: 350 <\/ li>
  8. house: yamaha <\/ li>
  9. Manufacturer Part Number: 10.1085 <\/ li>
  10. year: 2004 & gt; 2013 <\/ li>
  11. brand: did <\/ li>
  12. Gear material: steel <\/ li>
  13. sprocket teeth: 13 <\/ li>
  14. gear teeth: 38 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Set Transmission DID Chain ​​gear Gear Yamaha 350 Yfm Raptor 10 2011 12    Set Transmission DID Chain ​​gear Gear Yamaha 350 Yfm Raptor 10 2011 12