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Tsubaki Chain Quad Yamaha Yfm350r Raptor 04-11 MX Alpha Gold 98 Maillons

Tsubaki Chain Quad Yamaha Yfm350r Raptor 04-11 MX Alpha Gold 98 Maillons

Tsubaki Chain Quad Yamaha Yfm350r Raptor 04-11 MX Alpha Gold 98 Maillons   Tsubaki Chain Quad Yamaha Yfm350r Raptor 04-11 MX Alpha Gold 98 Maillons
Chain tsubaki mx alpha golds. Quad Yamaha yfm350r raptor 04-11.

This product is compatible with the following models. Some tips for maintaining your chain kit!

The lifespan of a chain kit varies from simple to triple, or even more, depending on the use and maintenance of the chain kit. A smooth, smooth driving, compared to a sporty or "demonstrative" driving, will make it possible to multiply its lifespan, about by two and the gap will be even more marked depending on the maintenance! The maintenance of your chain is done through three essential points, three simple operations which, however, play a crucial role over its lifetime. 1 - cleaning 2 - lubricating 3 - tension.

Before any lubricating operation, and even to run on a daily basis, a motorcycle chain must be clean. Unloaded old grease packages, traces of mud, and all other particles. The chain must therefore be cleaned at the same rate as the lubrications (minimum), but also after each exit in the rain, and more so off-road, even after very long runs. The ideal is to use a specific chain cleaner, with a soaked cloth and a brush or a hard hair brush. You can also use oil (less additives and less violent than motor diesel) or oil (good morning smell), but given the importance of good chain cleaning and the reduced price of a chain spray, it would be a shame not to use a qualitative product. The same advice can be applied to the front pinion as well as to the crown.

Remember to protect your tire from spraying detergent, by placing on a piece of fabric or tarpaulin. To be avoided absolutely when cleaning a motorcycle chain: never use gasoline or household detergents: too aggressive, they damage the O-rings of the axes, and too stripping, they promote oxidation. Moreover, poorly rinsed in the interstices, they would also damage the new fat. Never use a high-pressure (close) spear: yes it's effective, but too much!

Especially if you don't grease right after: this can drive away the fat retained by the O-rings, and make the axes very vulnerable. For motorcycle chains, regular lubrication is recommended every 500 or 1000 kilometres depending on the conditions. In any case, it is a gesture not to be forgotten, and even to be carried out systematically after an exit in the rain, and even more in off-road (additional greasing). The lubrication of the 500 or 1000 km, must be done on a clean, dry chain.

The extra lubrication, after a rainy exit, can be done on a chain just dried to cloth. Be careful, however, never to grease a muddy or smeared chain of sand, plants and other debris. For extra lubrication, at stockmoto we prefer to do it hot; the fat penetrates the links better.

(for deeper lubrication, since the chain will cool anyway during cleaning, and drying. Similarly we recommend to grease from the inside of the chain, not from the outside. So, on the top of the lower strand by scrolling the chain.

During the first run, the centrifugal force will help the grease enter the O-rings, it will be less quickly expelled, and it will limit the projections on the rim. Finally, let in at least 30 minutes before driving. A good tension, not too much, or not enough strain, will play positively over the life of your chain and your pinions and crowns. It must be checked regularly, and if necessary extend the chain. Other thousands of pieces on.

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Tsubaki Chain Quad Yamaha Yfm350r Raptor 04-11 MX Alpha Gold 98 Maillons   Tsubaki Chain Quad Yamaha Yfm350r Raptor 04-11 MX Alpha Gold 98 Maillons