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Voltage Regulator / Restresser Type 1 Yamaha Yfm Raptor 700 Yfm750 2010-2019

Voltage Regulator / Restresser Type 1 Yamaha Yfm Raptor 700 Yfm750 2010-2019
Voltage Regulator / Restresser Type 1 Yamaha Yfm Raptor 700 Yfm750 2010-2019
Voltage Regulator / Restresser Type 1 Yamaha Yfm Raptor 700 Yfm750 2010-2019

Voltage Regulator / Restresser Type 1 Yamaha Yfm Raptor 700 Yfm750 2010-2019    Voltage Regulator / Restresser Type 1 Yamaha Yfm Raptor 700 Yfm750 2010-2019

This regulator is an adaptable model, it is compatible with the models and years of motorcycle mentioned in the title at the level of the connector but the shape can be different. Refer to the product photos and compare with your original part. Sometimes we offer several shapes, type 1, type 2.. new product, sold as shown on the photos, ready to plug in (prise plug-and-play).

These photos are for example, they give you an idea of a similar product once installed on the bike, but may not concern the item for your bike. To see the photos of the product you will receive, please refer to the main photos of the ad!

No changes to be expected during assembly, easy and perfect adaptation. Does your beautiful woman make you the blow of failure, of lack of energy, and refuses to fall in spite of all your attempts and all your little attentions? You've been titillating the neiman with your key, pushing it, nothing does it, and she's still running out of juice? She stays there, prostrates in her corner and leaves you frustrated. In short, here you are with your beautiful immobilized, or sparkling with a thousand lights indicating a battery concern and preventing it from starting. This may be its rectifier that has rendered the soul and that no longer allows your battery to recharge properly.

A piece that easily manages to get forgotten, because often little visible, yet so important to give all the energy your machine needs to get on the roads with the same fergue that seduced you at home. As a reminder, this small housing alone allows you to transform the alternating current into direct current on your machine, while lowering the voltage in your electric beam. Without it, your battery won't be long. For safety, however, consider first checking the condition of your battery (ensuring that it is properly charged to avoid distorting the values) and your alternator. If it no longer works, changing the regulator will unfortunately not solve anything.

In case of doubt or lack of equipment or knowledge, do not hesitate to ask a professional to make the diagnosis for you (history to make sure the results are relevant). The checks made, the verdict falls: it was the regulator who let you go. You only have one solution left: to change it.

But the prices of the dealers can quickly take away from you too the little energy you had left. Luckily avdb has still baffled you by developing its catalog to include a range of stator rectifiers, modelled on those of origin for an adaptation without modification, in place of the old and in connection plug and play (directly on the beam). A turnkey solution to bring your beauty back to life in a few minutes: let the light be and the light was! Our guarantees: Satisfied or Satisfied!

Product in stock in france. Delivery of the package with follow-up within 24 hours. A quality product conforming to the description. To get to know us better.

Avdb motorcycle is a French company and brand, created and based since 2011 in the south of France, where it is good to live, where it is good to ride. Over the years, we have specialized exclusively in motorcycle accessories. Our catalogue has expanded considerably and continues to evolve over time, with several tens of thousands of references carefully stored in more than 2000m2 of warehouses located a few meters from our store and offices. Having a catalogue of thousands of references is good, but for avdb it is not enough.

It is essential for us to have them available in stock. We therefore sell only products that we are able to deliver to you without delay. When you order from our shop, we ship your parcel within 24 hours. And if a stock error were to happen, then we will open everything, within 24 hours too, to find together the solution that suits you. The seriousness and helpfulness we show on a daily basis in our store have helped build a lasting relationship, and trust with bikers in our region.

We apply the same passion and philosophy to all customers with whom we exchange only by phone or behind a screen. We give ourselves the means to continue this full satisfaction of our customers, this goes through. Do you have a doubt or a question about the play?

The advantage of having it in stock and within reach allows us to check live and answer you. Avdb is a French company, but also a European company. Our ambition is to serve the biker wherever he is, and in the best way possible. To do this, we have an international hub in our team, offering you, in addition to French, an opportunity to exchange in English, Italian, German, and Spanish. What better way to communicate and understand each other!

In case of a problem? At avdb you get a service that is available, competent, and personalized. If on receipt of the product it does not meet your expectations, we will be able to find an amicable solution if you wish, and of course the return and refund will never be problematic. And if the product fails within months of its acquisition, know that it is subject to a guarantee that we will not try to avoid.

Beyond a sale, you can count on the full availability and investment of our avdb team to serve you, and make you a satisfied biker. Do not hesitate to contact us to know your benefits!

Avdb motorcycle - 7 rue gustave eiffel 31140 aucamville - france Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6:30pm. To follow us, to exchange, and even to know each other better, we are also present on.

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Voltage Regulator / Restresser Type 1 Yamaha Yfm Raptor 700 Yfm750 2010-2019    Voltage Regulator / Restresser Type 1 Yamaha Yfm Raptor 700 Yfm750 2010-2019